Malcolm X Journal:

This was the first journal assignment I had this semester and the reason why I added this journal to my portfolio because I thought that Malcolm X was very inspirational especially when it came to his literacy narrative. Nowadays, it is easy to take school for granted, but after reading Malcolm’s excerpt from his autobiography, I have a greater appreciation now. During this journal assignment, we were learning about different aspects of literacy and the process of becoming literate. We were taught the concepts of sponsors, materials, environment and how that affects our literacy. I used this journal to relate with my own Literacy Narrative.


Swales Journal:

I chose this journal because I used this article to build part of my thesis in my Genre Analysis paper. When I first started learning about discourse communities and especially genre, I was very confused on the concept. Swales defines discourse communities and the six characteristics that makes it a discourse community. From his academic article, it seemed that having a unified goal was the main criteria of a discourse community and he did not really go in depth with genre , another criteria of a discourse community. My opinion of genre was not really significant until I read Amy Devitt’s article.

john swhales

Devitt Journal:

Continuing from the above conversation, I also chose this journal because it served to be part of my thesis in my Genre Analysis paper. Amy Devitt’s article states that people needed to expand their thoughts on genre other than text and format. She said that social and historical content should be included, as well as the situational understandings. After I read this academic article, I gained a better understanding of genre and I applied it to my Genre Analysis. My understanding of genre is that it not only connects members of a discourse community, but also helps connect to other discourse communities as well. I used financial statements as a genre that I would analyzed and I have found that there were several discourse communities who benefit from financial statements, even though it is compiled by accountants.

Literature Review Journal:

I added this journal not really for the content, but more because it was a great guide for me when I was writing my Literature Review. I basically observed Reece’s format on her literature review and applied it to my own. I had noticed how she laid out the argument in the field she was researching in, focusing more on what researchers have said rather than her input until her conclusion where she gives her opinions and observations, as well as additional research ideas. I thought this journal was important enough to add to my portfolio because it had tremendously helped me while I was writing my Literature Review.