Genre Analysis

In this paper, I got to analyze genre. I chose the financial statements as my genre to examine since I am an Accounting major. This was a unique assignment for me because financial statements affect more than one discourse and I wanted to show the relationship of these discourses to this one genre. The revisions I have made based on my peer’s suggestions were to add more observations based on the formatting of the financial statements as well as their purpose. I had also moved paragraphs for better fluidity. I think the strongest aspects of this paper were connecting reading and discussions in class to my paper. I also found additional readings from Miller and incorporate that in my paper.

The main problem with my final submission was that I did not cite where I have found the financial statement samples I have used to write this paper. If I had enough time to revise this paper, I would include the three examples of financial statements I have used. I also would cite the ideas from Devitt and Swales that I had in my first paragraph. I also need to clear up minor details that I have failed to clearly explain, such as the importance of the “bottom line “number standing out and socially accepted norms in accounting, such as debit column always being on the left and the credit column always on the right.

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