Literacy Narrative

The first two weeks of this semester have taught me that literacy was much more than knowing how to read and write. It is the ability to convey adequately and effectively to achieve your purpose. Before, my concept of literacy was not deep and I did not really thought back to the time where I have “attained” literacy. The hardest part if this project was to provide my personal experiences in literacy. As you can see with my first draft, I did not include any instances or stories about my literacy, but instead wrote about what I have learned in the journal reading and what others have said about literacy. The workshops really helped me because it gave additional insight as what might be missing in my paper.

Since submitting this paper to Professor Wolcott, I have done some major revisions. The reasons why I have decided to revise this paper were because I have felt that this was my weakest paper, not only grade wise (91%) but I felt that since this was the first paper I have written after two years, my writing skills had become rusty. I had a hard time writing this paper mostly because it heavily relied on personal experiences and feelings. I have trouble writing my personal experiences because in my throughout my high school career, my teachers had taught us never to use first person in academic writing. The major revisions I made was expanding my literacy process and also adding a paragraph on how my literacy is continuing to evolve.

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