Literature Review

The Literature Review has been the easiest paper for me, mostly because I did all the hard work in the Annotated Bibliography. The day we turned in the Annotated Bibliography, Professor Wolcott gave us an assignment in class, which helped me tremendously to jump start on this assignment. Also, the journal we were assigned to read taught me a lot on how the overall affects of a literature review looks like.

I actually had two drafts of this paper. The first draft shown below was the copy I had with me at the conference with Professor Wolcott. There was a second draft that I had accidently written over and that was the draft that the peer letters were based on, but there were really no major revisions from the second draft to the submitted draft. The changes I made were adding section dividers as well as a works cited page. If I were to revise this again, I would expand on financial illiteracy, specifically in college students majoring in Accounting. This would make a great transition to my conclusion and final project proposal.

This assignment leads into my last paper, the Final Project.

Submitted Draft:

Peer Letters:

First Draft:

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